Apprentice daily schedule

5:00 AM Wash in cold water. On special days, apprentices may rise one hour later

5:15 AM Breakfast in the kitchen commissary, comprising porridge, cheese and milk

5:30 AM Assembly in Great Hall. Chores assigned by initiate, unless going directly to a previously assigned task.

6:00 AM Start morning chores and duties. These include:

1 Scrub the kitchen floor
2 Help out in the kitchen
3 Gather and wash laundry
4 Visit to city market to obtain items chosen by Dafpern Gerth
5 Check inventory and report results to Kaylisidee
6 Check livestock and horses
7 Tend to exterior of college i.e. painting, cleaning windows etc
8 Work in the college garden
9 Visit to city or local countryside to collect spell components
10 Work in college hospital.

10:00 AM Mid-morning break for 30 mins

11:45 AM Simple light lunch, such as rice and beans, bread, weak wine or beer

12:15 PM Gather learning materials and text books for lessons

12:30 PM Afternoon lessons – see syllabus for further details

5:30 PM Dinner, usually three courses.

6:30 PM Personal time for all initiates, unless punishment given.

9:00 PM Light evening chores

1 Clean tables and cutlery
2 Clean litter and general rubbish in public areas
3 Clean room in case of unscheduled inspection
4 Clean private room of Guild Wizard or Regent.
5 Clean stairways and windows
6 Cold wash or shower, ready for bed

10:00 PM Lights out

Apprentice daily schedule

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