Benefits and duties

The benefits of membership are myriad and significant. The higher that one rises in the hierarchy, the more one can expect in the way of resources, including; lodging and similar support, guild contracts and access to other information sources, the use of common component stores, assistance of apprentices and laboratory space for the creation of new magical items and spells, and other esoteric but unspecified benefits. Of course, with every increase in benefits also comes an increase in responsibility.

Apprentices (Level 0):
Duties: The apprentice daily schedule shows the average day in the life of an apprentice. They have the most variability to their schedule simply because they are not the masters of their own fate. They perform all of the menial jobs and still have to find time to study the basics of magic.

Benefits: Assuming the apprentice manages to last the three-year period and acquire the requisite knowledge, they may ascend to the rank of Initiate of the First Circle (1st level).

Initiates (Level 1 – 9):
Duties: Each initiate is assigned a guild wizard who acts as an adviser. The adviser guides the initiate’s development as a spell caster and requires the initiate to perform certain duties, including; laboratory technician in the guild wizard’s cell, teaching assistant to the guild wizard’s lectures on magic, mandatory attendance of appropriate classes, field expeditions suitable for the initiate’s level, oversight of apprentices assigned to menial duties, and miscellaneous duties as assigned by the adviser. In addition, the initiate is expected to act as a personal tutor to two or more of the apprentices. Initiates take turns lecturing in the Great Room to the assembly of apprentices and then class is split into smaller groups to discuss the lecture and explore the questions raised.

Benefits: The first benefit gained by the initiate is two free spell list gains from any of the Open Essence, Closed Essence, and Base Magician lists.

The second benefit is access, under the tutelage of a guild wizard, to the Grand Library, a huge collection of arcane knowledge containing all of the Open and Closed Essence lists to 10th level, as well as many books and scrolls on magical history and knowledge (+15 to spell list gains).

Third, each initiate receives a Cassock of Protection, a special magic item and distinctive dress of a member of the order. They are issued to every initiate and guild member. Magical +5DB. Once per day, the wearer can trigger a Shield Spell (Closed Essence: Shield Mastery) as if cast by a 12th level caster. The cassock’s magical abilities must be renewed each month by a special ‘ritual of renewal’ cast within the walls of the college.

Guild wizard (Level 10+):
Duties: The only constraint on a guild member’s time is a duty to teach at least one course per year on a specific application of magic to a class of initiates and to act as adviser to a smaller class of the same. A course often lasts for only three months and might only meet three times during the entire period. As adviser, the guild wizard is expected to answer the questions and guide the studies of the initiates to greater heights of understanding.

Benefits: For guild members, the greatest benefit is free time. Guild members are much freer to do as they please and to come and go as their personal researches direct.

Second, they have more resources at their disposal. Apart from the Grand Library and any personal texts and tomes owned, guild wizards can apply to the regents for access to the Sealed Archive. This exalted library contains tomes contributed by Japeth, the regents, and other guild members. The tomes found in the Sealed Archive contain Open Essence, Closed Essence, and Base Magician lists to 20th level. Access to the Sealed Archive eliminates the need to maintain a personal library for spell research and can provide a 25% chance per full week study of a clue to the location of other suitable texts, such as base lists of other classes.

Third, other benefits may be available but are known only to full guild members.

Benefits and duties

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