Balacazar Crime Family
Probably the most powerful crime family in the city, the Balacazars are certainly the oldest. Menon Balacazar is the aging head of the organization, with his son, Malkeen, serving as his second in command. Other siblings include at least two daughters. The family funds a number of criminal endeavours, gaining profit from theft, extortion, smuggling, illegal gambling, assassination, and trade in slaves, drugs, and evil magic items.

Killraven Crime League
Kevris Killraven arrived in the city only recently, but in that short time this mysterious woman has created the second most powerful criminal organization in Ptolus. The league deals in extortion, prostitution, and illegal drugs.

Longfingers Guild
This thieves’ guild has enjoyed a long tradition in the city, but many say its day has passed in light of the growing power of other, broader criminal organizations. Its headquarters is said to lie deep below the city.

The Nightwhispers
‘The Nightwhisperers’ is the local name for a guild of thieves and rogues that operate in the city. They specializie in robbery, smuggling, gambling, prostitution, and extortion. The guild is not really a guild in the true sense. They are actually a loose confederation of a number of street gangs and specialist thieves that co-operate in order to maximize returns and minimize risks. Each city district has its own gang, depending on the nature of the district. Market districts have gangs that specialize in robbery and extortion, whilst residential districts have gangs that concentrate on burglary, gambling, and prostitution.

It is believed that guild activities are co-ordinated by a ‘council of thieves’, the members of which are the gang leaders from each of the street gangs.

Pale Dogs
A gang of young thieves based in the Warrens, the Pale Dogs paint their fingernails black and often wear double rings.

The Vai
The Vai is a wicked assassins’ guild in Ptolus. They are tied to almost every evil organization in the city in some way.


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