Entry and advancement

Becoming an apprentice:
The Arcane Order requires that all children applying for membership must be between 12 and 15 years old. Potential apprentices are invited to attend Apprentice Days, held every year, to determine if they are suitable for membership. Usually, only 10 to 20 applicants are invited to join each year. If accepted, apprentices are given two weeks to wrap up any external affairs before presenting themselves at the College. They are then appointed dorms within the college and begin their career as a potential wizard.

Becoming an Initiate:
Apprentices who have studied for three years are eligible to become Initiates. To advance, the apprentice must pass a test to determine if he or she is truly ready to proceed to the next stage. This involves deciphering a magical text in front of a panel made up of an initiate, a guild wizard, and Mogem Wym. A successful intelligence roll is required to succeed. Apprentices who fail the test may take it again after three months.

If the apprentice succeeds, the full Oath of the Initiate is offered there and then by Mogen Wym. Refusal to take the oath results in immediate expulsion from the college. The oath covers the following points:

• The apprentice agrees to enter into the initiate rank of the Arcane Order.
• Initiates agree to be partly responsible for tutoring apprentice wizards plus undertaking other general responsibilities.
• Initiates must not knowingly betray the Arcane Order.
• Initiates agree to remain members for at least four years.

The new initiate is then given their free spell lists, a cassock of protection, and a private room within the college to live.

Becoming a Guild Wizard:
When an apprentice has reached the required level of knowledge and expertise, the opportunity to become a full guild wizard presents itself.

First, the Guild Wizard must have developed Ritual Magic to at least 50% in the Auxiliary Ritual Class, in order to perform the Ritual of Renewal, which renews the powers of the Cassock of Protection.

Second, the initiate must undertake a task known as the Last Trial, although this is quite straightforward. The initiate must provide the college with a new spell to be entered into the spell books kept in the Grand Library or donate a new magical item to the guild as a whole. The most common way to do this is to adventure forth into unknown lands in search of scrolls, forgotten spell books, or magical paraphernalia.

Those who fulfil the Last Trial are offered the Wizard’s Oath to become full guild wizards. The oath covers the following points:

• The initiate agrees to enter into the guild wizard rank of the Arcane Order.
• A guild wizard agrees to teach one class per year to initiates, take on a role as adviser to assigned initiates, and perform duties as the Chancellor and Regents may direct.
• A guild wizard agrees not to knowingly betray the Arcane Order on pain of death.
• A guild wizard agrees to remain a member for at least ten years.
• A 10% share of the wizard’s income, including the value of magic acquired, must be turned over to the Order in order to support the Order’s activities.

The guild wizard is then given better quarters and allowed to furnish a private laboratory at the college, together with other benefits known only to full guild members

Becoming a Regent:
First, the existing regent must have resigned, died, or been removed by the Chancellor. If this occurs, the full guild membership is called together and an election for the post is held. If the Chancellor does not veto the appointment, the guild wizard becomes the new Regent.

Entry and advancement

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