History of the College

No-one knows who originally built Mathghamhna. All that is known for certain is that it was part of a larger fortress, the ruins of which could still be found by the first human settlers that arrived in the area. Scholars believe that it was built by the First Born millenia ago, when the world was still young. It was clear that it had been the site of a lengthy siege and final great battle, and so was considered to be the site of the last battle against the undead army of Carmantia, Goddess of Darkness, when they were finally defeated by the First Born with the use of powerful magic.

If this is true, the citadel of Mathghamhna remained standing, despite the siege. Damaged but not unbroken, the walls of the citadel survived into the current age as an enigma to the survivors who chanced upon it many generations later. As is the way, a city grew up near the abandoned ruin. In fact, many of the city’s walls were originally built from the fallen masonry of Mathghamhna itself. Other than a source of building material, the mighty citadel’s purposes and role in history almost completely vanished from history.

As an apprentice to the great wizard Demetrios, Japeth was brilliant but headstrong. Forever rushing ahead in his studies when prudence and patience would have served him better, the would-be mage often faced the stern discipline of his master. When he had finished his chores and lessons, Japeth began to explore the ruins and passages of Mathghamhna, despite the warnings of family and friends. Soon, he saw the potential of the site as a magical college and decided to bring it back to life.

After completing his apprenticeship, Japeth left the city as an untried youth, eager for the challenges that lay ahead. He encountered many strange things and accomplished many significant goals over the next two decades. In his travels, he grew in wisdom, power, and wealth. Upon his return, he purchased the ruins of Mathghamhna from the city to do with as he wished.

A few years passed, and an army of contractors, masons, craftsmen, and smiths swarmed through the citadel. The foundations were revitalized and the walls were rebuilt. When all was finished, Japeth Arcane announced that the doors of Mathghamhna were once again open and accepting applicants to the Arcane Order of Enchantment and Exposition.

History of the College

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