Organisation and hierarchy

Japeth Arcane, the Chancellor, controls every aspect of the Order’s business. He sets the policies of the college and resolves every question of procedure, discipline, and research that cannot be resolved at a lower level. Many of these tasks require a delicate political touch. He has a staff of two apprentice wizards to take care of clerical details and paperwork.

Directly below the Chancellor are seven regents who, for the most part, make up Japeth’s original group of friends who aided him in founding the college. They have authority to deal with everyday concerns, and each has a rotating staff of 1 – 4 apprentices, and 2 – 8 permanent staff hired from the city, to assist each regent in the completion of duties assigned to him or her.

Below the regents are the guild wizards. They are full members of the order, each having passed the tests and trials of an initiate. Guild wizards are required to give some of their time to teach the next lowest rank, the initiates, in the subtleties of higher level magic. This includes acting as an adviser to a group of upcoming initiates. Their remaining time is spent in personal research on new spells, magic items, or other magical areas.

Initiate wizards are, in a sense, probationary members of the guild. Initiates are expected to fulfil a set of duties in order to prove their loyalty and commitment to the college, as determined by their guild wizard adviser. Each initiate wizard is also assigned two or more apprentices to tutor in basic magical theory. Finally, initiates are given personal time to study magic and new spells either in their private cells or in the laboratory of their adviser.

The apprentices are the foundation upon which the college is built; a foundation of sweat, elbow grease, effort, and toil. They are usually up before first light and are often still at their tasks long after the sun has set. In addition, they undertake four hours a day instruction in the basics of magic.

Graphic of College organisation

Organisation and hierarchy

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