Skills available

The following skills are available:

  • All skills in Character Law, except Martial Arts
  • All Secondary Skills in Character Law, except Skiing
  • All Secondary Skills in RMC1, except Disarming, Iai, Ki, Reverse Stroke, and Yado. “Chemistry” renamed “Alchemy”

New skills introduced:

Ancient History – as Region Law but to know about events in the distant past
Arcane Law – as Philosophy, but to know about major aspects of Essence and Mentalism
Local History – as Racial History but to know about major events and people in a particular region
Religion Law – as Philosophy but to know about major aspects of Channeling and religious practices of various deities

Characters are given extra development points equal to 40% of current DP to spend on secondary skills. These may not be spent on Primary Skills.

Skills available

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