Social structure

First Order of the Empire
The Emperor holds the highest position in the Empire. He has ultimate power and can make law any decrees he so wishes. This includes the levying of taxes and raising armies to enforce foreign and domestic policy

Second Order of the Empire
The clerics and priests of the various churches form the Second Order, with Lothian holding the highest position as the state religion of The Empire. Churches are normally exempt from taxation, unless this privilege is withdrawn by the Emperor in time of war. The church is also the prime provider of education for the people.

Third Order of the Empire
The various noble families form the Third Order of The Empire. Nobles have the right to carry a sword in public, but have the duty to support The Emperor by providing taxes and armies.

Fourth Order of the Empire
The wealthy middle-class, such as rich merchants, professionals, and non-hereditary nobles. Magic users are included in this Order.

Fifth Order of the Empire
Everybody else, unless declared ‘outlaw’

Those criminals at large with a price on their head. This includes traitors. It is against the law to provide any aid, including food and lodging to an outlaw

Social structure

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