Mathghamhna, the College of Wizardry

The three towers of Mathghamhna, known locally as the College of Wizardry, stand ominously on the slopes of the mountain overlooking the great city below. Many people come to stare at the college, some are even allowed entry to its great halls, and a privileged few are accepted as apprentices to learn the secrets of magic and sorcery.

This campaign is designed to be a solo campaign for a wizard. The rules used are Rolemaster (RM2), with a little bit of Pathfinder thrown in for good measure. The character will start at level 0 and spend three years as an apprentice before graduating as a 1st level magician.

The College is based to some extent on TSR’s “College of Wizardry” (ADnD 2nd) but has been converted and expanded for Rolemaster. The game itself will be played via MapTool, using a framework written by the GM.

The city is based on the Ptolus maps, although much of the city’s inhabitants, religions, and politics have been changed.

As through a glass, and darkly...