The Grey Wolves

The Grey Wolves are an independent organisation of rangers, scouts, and animists that operate in the Empire.

Whilst independent, they do offer their services in time of war as scouts and intelligence gatherers for the Empire. During times of peace, they patrol the roads and rural areas of the Empire and have the power to arrest anyone breaking the law. When this occurs, they must hand the perpertrator over to the civilian authorities (usually the local sheriif) as soon as possible. In many rural areas, Grey Wolves are usually the only representatives of law and order seen by the people, and so have earned great respect as protectors.

The Grey Wolves usually operate individually, although they will band together in small groups should circumstances dictate. When this occurs, the most longest-serving member takes charge.

The Grey Rangers have no central base. Instead, they have small training camps in or near to most major cities.

The Grey Wolves

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