The Imperial Army

The army of the Empire is formidable. It is mostly an infantry-based army, although it does have a few cavalry units.

The army is commanded by a Marshall, normally appointed by the Emperor from one of the noble houses. The Marshall has to have had a considerable amount of military experience, although the main prerequisite is loyaly to the Emperor, so it is somewhat of a political appointment.

Beneath the Marshall are the Legates, who each command one of the army legions. Each Legate is assisted by a Military Tribune, both of which are political appointments granted by the Emperor. The Tribune is responsible for running the Legion on a day-to-day basis, and can take over command of the legion should the Legate be killed or incapacitated. The noble houses are constantly trying to place family members in the position of Legate or Tribune, as this can grant the noble house a degree of influence and potection.

The infantry legionary is dressed in chain and carries a shield. They are armed with short sword and javelin.

The Imperial Army

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